10 things you need to survive an event – as an event manager

10 things you need to survive an event – as an event manager

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I just got back from supporting a client at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and, as I look forward to other major European events such as IBC, Medica and Electronica, I thought I would share just a few of the ‘must-take’ items from my event survival kit:


?tape ? ?multitool ? ?documents

Gaffer / Duct tape

Exhibitions, rock concerts and festivals are practically built out of gaffer tape.




My preference is a Leatherman, but other brand multitools are available.?


Printouts of everything

Important and emergency contact numbers, contracts and orders, your display area layout plan.?


?shoe ? ?painkillers ? ?mint

Comfortable shoes

Smart, but comfortable. Not new shoes. Never wear brand new shoes to an exhibition.?



A basic first aid kit is handy but?headaches are common at tradeshows due to late nights, socialising, and lack of sleep.?




Not chewing gum!?

?gel ? ?markerpen ? ?charger

Anti-bacterial hand gel or wipes

Shaking hands is a great way to make a good first impression, but it can also be a great way to catch a cold. Wipes may be more useful as you can also use them to freshen up surfaces each morning. Dust settles overnight when the exhibition hall is empty and dusty graphics show up under spotlights.?



Black marker pen

You?ll need a basic stationery toolkit, but the black marker is the multitool of pens ? not only can you label boxes, you can cover a multitude of sins on your exhibition stand or staff.?


Phone charger

Who travels without a phone charger nowadays? You?d be surprised how many of your staff won?t bring one to the booth as it?s still in their hotel room. They shouldn?t be on their phone while on booth duty of course.?

?business_card ?

Business cards

If you did a good job, people will want to know who you are.


I had some great feedback on this blog so have created a more detailed?checklist, not completely?exhaustive so I welcome your comments!


Icons from The Noun Project:

Tape by Jack P Waterman | multi-tool by david | documents by Creative Stall | Shoe by Guvnor Co | pills by Nikita Kozin | Marker by Dima Lagunov | Cream by WARPAINT Media Inc. | power adapter by Anton Gajdosik | business card by XOXO | The Noun Project?

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