How?s that year worked out for you?

How?s that year worked out for you?



Looking back, 2015 has been a terrific year for Sandstar Communications. We?ve celebrated our third anniversary, hired our first member of staff (who?d have thought that we?d ever become employers!), and expanded our portfolio of clients and projects to work in some really innovative and interesting sectors.

Our expertise is growing and by working in partnership with other complementary agencies in the fields of branding, web development and digital marketing, for example, we?ve been able to significantly improve the quality and scope of the marketing and PR services that we can offer to clients.


More than words?

Microsoft?s Bill Gates first coined the term, ?Content is King? way back in 1996. It?s been an oft-debated topic ever since but what cannot be argued is that with so many different communication channels and with so many different voices trying to get their stories across, it still holds true for today?s PR and marketing practitioners.

Our background is copywriting. We were trained by ex- national journalists and this expertise has held us in good stead ever since to produce high quality content for brochures, editorial, advertising, websites, social media, direct mail and many other channels. Content is the cornerstone of all that we do and enables us to consistently deliver tangible results for our clients.

Knowing your story is one thing. Being able to effectively tell that story and knowing to whom to tell it is a real challenge for any business or individual. This is what we believe sets us apart.


Auld Lang Syne and all that

We look forward to continuing to help new and existing clients to share their compelling stories and grow their businesses in 2016.

Thanks to everyone who?s supported us and worked with us throughout this year. We wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2016.

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