My experience interning as a marketing executive at Sandstar

By Navya Sharma

Interning at Sandstar Communications has allowed me to set foot into the creative industry to work closely with professionals in the field on PR and social content marketing. This internship gave me the opportunity to learn more about the world of communications, while giving me a taste of working life and equipping me with the tools and transferrable skills I need to succeed in the workplace.

Team lunch with Navya at Konak Turkish restaurant on London Road

What I did in my internship:

During my time at Sandstar Communications I worked on a range of projects, from copywriting and creating banks of social media content for clients, to writing press releases and event marketing.

I joined business calls with clients, which gave me a behind-the-scenes look at the factors that go into making a business successful, such as financial management, building customer engagement, and audience growth. Most of my work involved helping businesses grow both online and in real life using a range of communications strategies. I was able to build a great rapport with our clients, which meant that I was able to understand them and their needs better. 

One of the main projects I enjoyed working on was creating social media content for ‘Mometu’, a free ad-supported entertainment streaming service. This allowed me to showcase my copywriting skills as I hand-curated content for each of its ‘Mometu Movie of the Week’ promotions. I also used Canva to create aesthetically pleasing posts for Mometu’s upcoming college film festival for its Instagram feed.

I am incredibly grateful to have worked with the staff at Sandstar, which has helped me improve my skills and build my confidence.  

The team at Sandstar Communications:

From warm smiles and great conversations to guidance and invaluable learning, the team couldn’t have been any kinder and welcoming.

It has been such a great opportunity working alongside such a caring, hardworking, incredible team that strive to deliver the best, tailored results to their clients. I would like to thank the team at Sandstar for all their teaching and support during my internship. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience.